on the way to perfection . . .

What about me? Where do I belong?

I'm Aadikar Bhandari
[ uh-dee-kahr bahn-dah-ree ]

Journey of the forgotten past,

embark on an epic adventure

in learning to bear

the mantle of true leadership,

and discover that great power

often comes with a great cost.

Before, I had a life.

Hi.  I'm a writer/ designer/ developer.

Often involved in the sectors

relating to Information Technology,

Programming and Development,

Journey and Travels,

Novels and Articles,

Journals and Reviews,

Audio and Video Editing ,

Animation ,♫ , and Linguistics.

Fighting against mass surveillance

and online censorship.

Information should be free.

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Or mail @ aadikarbhandari@protonmail.com
Alternative: aadikarofficial@gmail.com